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Python + Excel setup trades (English-Русский-Türkçe)

With the help of python and excel, you can make our orders with just a few clicks.You can increase your R:R values and increase the money you earn.

What can be done with the help of this program?

We can make our orders with just a few clicks;

1>determine the first and last entry price,

2>determine the stop loss and take profit price,

3>determine how much dollar risk you will take,

that is all , now you can setup your trades very fast and easy

>Watch the first video for english

>Смотрите второе видео на русском языке

>Türkçe için üçüncü izleyin

For English watch this video

Для русских смотрите это видео

Türkçe için aşağıdaki videoyu izleyebilirsiniz.

If you have any problem send message from Telegram

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